Valmet Control Performance ensures better performance

Valmet Control Performance for automatic monitoring of control loops

Badly operating control loops cause increased quality variations, affect the lifetime of the field equipment and increase the consumption of expensive chemicals. Integrated within the Valmet DNA automation system, Valmet Control Performance optimization service provides automatic monitoring of control performance.



  • Clear benefits in control loops, sub processes and maintenance
  • The correct allocation of resources enhances maintenance and lowers its costs
  • Increased predictability and division of responsibility is clear
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced raw material and energy costs, as well as environmental emissions
  • Increased safety

Valmet Control Performance is a part of our Industrial Internet solutions. The solution provides you with better production management, and properly tuned control loops improve the efficiency of the process and the end product quality.

Flexible scope

  • Detection of incorrect dimensioning of valves
  • Actuator fault reporting
  • Making work lists for planned downtime
  • Revealing pounding adjustments which wear down actuators