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The repeatable, efficient, and safe winding process


Take control over winding process and Reel performance in a wide range of grades

Due to full control of parent roll loading through the entire winding process

Fewer employees needed

Easily adjustable sheet stabilizers and foils – more uniform jumbo roll structure

Empty spools storage, automatic spool loader, and automatic spool return system allows

Efficient, high speed, continuous paper winding

Valmet IntelliReel has been designed to provide a precisely repeatable, efficient, and safe winding process. IntelliReel is characterized by its uncomplicated/simple operating, enabling easy control of the reeling. The density of the roll of paper in surface winding is controlled by the tension in the sheet and is fully adjustable, which affects the quality of the paper. 



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Reliable Reel performance

The IntelliReel provides uniform sheet characteristics both in the cross-machine and machine direction. The reel can be also equipped with an automatic operation system which controls the winding process continuously. The IntelliReel ensures reliable Reel performance for a wide range of grades.


Technical data

Reel trim Up to 3.6 m
Design speed Up to 1800 m/min
Type Hydraulic/Pneumatic
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