Valmet DNA Bale Quality Monitoring

Valmet DNA Bale Quality Management (DNA Bale Quality) is an automated bale quality management solution. It identifies and classifies pulp units and links them to quality properties measured online and in the laboratory.

For managing pulp quality – solution from Valmet DNA


  • The bale quality management solution automatically specifies the pulp grade and quality by comparing the actual values to predefined targets. It evaluates whether units and lots are prime quality, second quality or reject quality pulp.
  • The solution reduces the workload of the laboratory staff. In some mills, the laboratory works only during the day shifts, whereas online measurement systems operate all the time.
  • The solution provides the necessary pulp quality and production reports, including lot reports, layboy reports, prime-percent production reports, calibration reports, and online quality reports. Reporting periods are shift, day, month, grade run and userselected time period.


  • Results for enhancing your process
  • Delivering pulp with the right properties to the right customers.
  • Reducing variations in pulp quality by tracing the origins of process disturbances.
  • Minimizing the production of second-rate and reject pulp.
  • Improving efficiency via online quality classification.
  • Maximizing of prime quality pulp to maximize product profitability.

Dirt Count Analyzer

The Valmet Dirt Count Analyzer (Valmet DCD) is an analyzer used for measurement of dirt count and brightness from pulp sheets at the baling line.