Start-up with Valmet paper machine clothing

Jun 15, 2016

Valmet supplied paper machine rebuild for Stora Enso's PM3 in Varkaus started up successfully with Valmet paper machine clothing. The mill feels that having a single point of responsibility is beneficial and makes their lives easier, as there are fewer players and thus fewer overlaps in the start-ups. They are also happy with the clothing performance.

Valmet fabrics in Stora Enso Varkaus

Project Engineer Timo Vänttinen shares his thoughts about the start-up: “All in all, the start-up regarding clothing went very well. With forming fabrics, we haven’t made any changes to the original designs – they are perfect. In the press section, as the third press is very challenging, some changes were made towards heavier and more open felts.

The cooperation between the papermaker and clothing specialist is very important. During the start-up phase it was very intense, as we looked for the best solutions. It is the clothing you can still affect and make changes to – you cannot affect the machine structure any more.

Valmet clothing responds very well to the expectations we have of clothing. With forming fabrics, we have already reached the level of dry content we want. With press felts, some fine-tuning still needs to be done in order to get the dry content to the level we really want. As said, the third press position is very challenging. All the dryer fabrics are performing well. There’s nothing to be added to that.”

“Regarding clothing development, that work has been exemplary from the Valmet side. You guys take it seriously and you really focus on making improvements.” “And, last but not least, the technical service you provide is very important, also for the future. We have different needs, and you need to be up to date all the time.”


Stora Enso's Project engineer T. Vänttinen

Project Engineer Timo Vänttinen of Stora Enso (on the left) and Technology Manager Juha S. Kinnunen of Valmet discuss production targets.