Boost your earnings with Valmet’s Tissue Pressing Solution

Apr 11, 2016

Tissue pressing with Valmet

Tissue producers often face challenges related to process reliability, controlling production costs and maintaining consistent tissue quality. Valmet is tackling these struggles with solutions that save on fiber and energy, as well as improving tissue quality through homogenous profiles.

Better tissue quality can be achieved by optimizing nip dynamics and improving dewatering, which directly affects press dryness, increases bulk and improves tissue profiles. The key principle is better control of the nip pressure profile. This provides more consistent paper quality and improves bulkiness and tissue softness.

Up to EUR 1 million in annual savings

Optimizing the operation of the tissue press can boost annual earnings by as much as EUR 1 million thanks to savings on raw material, energy and maintenance costs as well as increased production capacity.

Valmet’s Tissue Pressing Solution combines special, grooved covers with intelligent iRoll technology. iRoll provides data to optimize the roll crown under actual running conditions. The Tissue Pressing Solution also includes optimal water removal elements and facilitates tuning up to the best possible running parameters. Our solutions always combine Valmet’s expertise and know-how with the latest process technology.

Text: Juhani Partanen, Global Technology Manager