Spare and process parts for energy plants

High quality and reliable spare and process parts to support the maintenance and production operations at your energy plant

Reliability conveniently - Valmet Spare Parts

Valmet ensures availability of spare parts at the right time with minimized inventory at your energy plant. Our offering includes daily spare parts, parts for shutdowns, comprehensive spare part packages as well as inventory management support, technical support and respond to emergencies 24/7.

Spare parts from the original equipment manufacturer

  • High quality parts with the latest technology from Valmet and it's various predecessors
  • Upgraded substitute parts and retrofits
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Shutdown planning support and services

Convenient shopping that solves your daily parts needs

  • Valmet is your one-stop shop - we supply all the parts for all your needs
  • Cooperation with your material management for inventory optimization
  • Easy parts identification, selection, order processing through digital solutions - Valmet eStore

Reliability through fast and flexible deliveries

We supply boiler spare parts for fast delivery all over the world. Our emergency stock contains the most common tubes, and we manufacture standard pressure part components, such as membrane walls, tangent walls, super heater elements, screens and economizers, on order. All our components are made of different steel grades, composite material and overlay welded material to meet the requirements presented by most boiler applications.

Benefits of choosing Valmet as a spare parts supplier

  • Improved process performance
  • Successful startup and reliable operations
  • Easy acquisition from one source
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Easy access to local service and support



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