We invite energy producers on a shared journey forward

Recharge your competitiveness and increase the reliability and performance of your assets to drive your business forward with good energy

Valmet is a front-runner in combustion technology for sustainable energy generation and recovery solutions. Valmet is a reliable technology partner. We provide unique product, services, automation solutions and expertise which help energy producers recharge their business and move their performance forward.



Reliability Services to recharge your everyday operations

Our global field services cover everything from fast, on-call troubleshooting to planned, practical, and strategic undertakings, carried out on a continuous basis. Included are all types of field services for pressure parts, environmental equipment services, shutdown services, and equipment support services. Valmet can take complete responsibility for shutdowns which include planning and coordination of all activities, utilizing inspectors and other specialists, and carrying out the replacement and overhaul of your equipment. We ensure reliability through fast and flexible deliveries of components and spare parts. We offer products and solutions such as; steam-to-steam concepts, corrosion and erosion protection, inspections, and 24/7 maintenance instructional services.


Performance Services to recharge your productivity & profitability

Our performance services will improve your productivity and profitability by adding value through our expertise. We can help you to cut costs by optimizing operation and maintenance savings, increasing energy efficiency and efficient use of fuel, reducing emissions, reducing refurbishment costs, and strictly minimizing unavailability costs.

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New Technology to recharge your capacity

Upgrades to increase capacity, protect the environment and allow fuel flexibility. We have all the necessary know-how, based on experience and resources, to manage complete projects and provide you with expert assistance, within the shortest possible time frame.


A shared journey forward

Through real partnership and advanced products and services we move your performance forward. Valmet has improved energy customers competitiveness since 1841. Valmet has a global network of service professionals and we are always close by ready to serve. Real trust is earned on site, every day, and therefore we make sure to always go that extra mile and stay with you until everything works as expected. We are committed to drive your performance forward, give us a call today