Studies for even cross-direction profiles in board and paper machines

Studies for even cross-direction profiles

Uneven cross-direction profiles are often the cause of runnability problems, wrinkles, fluttering and slack edges. Valmet’s profile studies help to resolve these disturbances. Examining causes and solving profile problems remotely or on-site is one way to achieve more uniform customer roll quality.


Valmet’s studies for even cross-direction profiles:

  • Help to reduce breaks and broke
  • Help in producing better end product quality
  • Improve energy efficiency


Corrective actions based on in-depth analysis

Does the operation and mechanical condition of your loading system need a boost? By analyzing the scope of reconditioning needs, the loading system condition test and service helps to improve runnability as well as board and paper quality by defining the current condition of the loading system, machine automation, and the hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Getting accurate insight is also valuable in understanding the operation of the dryers in the dryer section. Dryer section profile studies determine corrective action to optimize the drying process, as well as helping to identify the origin of any moisture profile problems. Profile measurements can be conducted during normal operation without needing to stop the machine.

Advanced iRoll technology for profile analysis

iRoll Portable runnability and profile analysis is a CD tension profile study intended to improve production efficiency, and ultimately the printing quality and converting properties. iRoll Portable analysis helps to resolve reeling, winding and runnability issues.