Studies that lead to stable board and paper making processes

Studies that lead to stable processes

Quality defects due to variations in machine direction can be studied and screened in order to stabilize your process performance. Valmet’s extensive know-how in all paper and board processes means our experts can effectively track down and specify stability issues.

These studies are typically performed by first gathering data from the customer’s mill, followed by laboratory testing, thorough on-site measurements, and installing long-term data acquisition equipment to provide deeper insights, if needed. Our automation services are utilized when needed.


Stability studies can:

  • Reveal the origins of process variability
  • Reduce process instabilities
  • Save raw materials and energy through improved profiles and optimal sheet moisture

Studies ensure production line stability

Valmet’s process stability study addresses known instabilities and development targets and aims to increase process stability. It includes modules for profile, control and quality studies, as well as a short circulation study. Shedding light on the origins of short circulation issues, the study reveals the effects of process variability and helps to improve the stability of the paper- and board-making process. The study comprises laboratory analyses and a broad scope of paper and board analyses as well as short- and long-term variation measurements.