Tracing the cause of process disturbance by combining information

Valmet DNA Report

Valmet DNA Report ensures seamless interaction between people and processes in your plant, mill, or corporation-wide organizations. It contains all reporting, analysis, and community tools individually set up for each user. As a web-based portal, all you need to use is a web browser.


  • Web-based or Click Once applications, installed automatically upon the first usage.
  • Includes all common trend functionality with timeline, zoom, and hairlines.
  • Tags can be dragged and dropped from DNA Operate pictures or from Tag Master.
  • Data can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to e.g. MS Excel.
  • Tracer layouts and DNA Report reports are designed with the same tool – DNA Report Designer.
  • DNA Report Designer includes all required reporting functionality and calculations – create web reports without any knowledge of programming (HTML or SQL).
  • Any report can be exported to PDF or MS Excel with a single mouse click.
  • DNA Report solutions can also be accessed via the DNA Operate Action Menu or external portal applications.


  • One tool for seeing trends with alarms and events - see the whole picture for troubleshooting.
  • The same tool for control room and office users – everyone has the same facts.
  • Low maintenance – no installation work needed in the control room or office.
  • Visualize data masses into informative reports and distribute them via the web throughout the enterprise.
  • Service-oriented architecture – data can be retrieved from multiple data sources.

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