Valmet DNA Report Diary

Valmet DNA Report Diary is a production organization electronic diary. It is used for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting all production-related events and knowledge. Diary enables fast communication and learning inside a production organization. The Web-based tool offers a systematic approach for knowledge management: all data in one user interface – as part of the Valmet DNA Report.

Main features

  • Listing and viewing of the latest process events.
  • Possibility to comment entries.
  • Search form: search by word, classification, time, or combination of them to find similar experiences from the past.
  • Integrated to DNA Operate – Valmet DNA user interface.
  • Possibility to modify entry forms and classifications.
  • A Web-based tool: part of Valmet DNA Report.
  • User rights and reports according to the user, no extra login is needed in the control room.

Optional features

  • Integration to CMMS systems.
  • Automatic entries by the system.
  • Tailored reports.


  • Better awareness of the situation.
  • Learning from past experiences.
  • Learning inside the organization and between organizations.
  • Beat time and geographical barriers.

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