Log receiving

Log receiving covers systems and equipment for wood intake and infeed including conveyors for log intake, unscrambling all needed types of conveyors, feeding, deicing and washing systems and log splitters.


Minimized wood losses and maintenance cost and maximized process uptime

In conventional drum infeed systems, using chain conveyors, the plant suffers high wood losses of 3-5%, with low process uptime and high maintenance. To solve these problems the GentleFeed system was developed.

Valmet GentleFeed System - A unique solution with excellent durability

GentleFeed system is an unique, patented solution for feeding logs into the barking drum or flaker. It is customized to meet the specific needs of modern pulp, paper and panelboard mills. The system is suitable for short wood as well as tree-length wood. GentleFeed system minimizes wood losses and maintenance costs and maximizes process uptime through its ingenious simplicity and excellent durability.