RecAll and RotaRecAll reclaimer

Chip storage is necessary to ensure the optimal supply of chips to the process. The RecAll and RotaRecAll reclaimers are designed for automatic and reliable reclaiming of chips, bark or sawdust from a large-volume silo. The automatic reclaiming prevents chip pile deterioration. Since no bulldozers or front loaders are needed, chip damage is minimal.

RecAll reclaimer

The first in-first out principle reclaims chips from the bottom of the chip pile, eliminating the deterioration of the chips during storage. Reclaiming through the whole width of the pile guarantees excellent blending and homogenization of the chips. An extremely wide reclaim opening enables high-volume storage with automatic reclaiming.


The RecAll screw reclaimer is supported on a track at both ends of the screw. Material is reclaimed by the rotating screw onto a conveyor. At the same time, the reclaimer moves slowly along its track. The reclaim rate can be adjusted by a frequency converter (optional feature). One or more RecAll reclaimers can be installed on the same track.

RotaRecAll reclaimer

RotaRecAll reclaims through the whole cross-section of the chip silo. This, combined with the first-in first-out principle, guarantees excellent homogenization of the chips for further processing.

Clean Chips - Clean Environment

With the RotaRecAll reclaimer, it is possible to build large silos for 15,000 – 26,000 m3 chips. Silo storage eliminates wind screening and keeps chips clean. It also prevents the release of dust and noise into the environment.


The RotaRecAll screw reclaimer is supported at both the center and periphery of the silo. The screw slews slowly under the pile, feeding material through a hopper onto the conveyor beneath. The reclaim rate can be adjusted by a frequency converter (optional feature).

RotaRecall reclaimer