Sustainable solutions targets and actions

action plan 2019-2021
Targets Main actions

We create technologies and services that enhance renewable raw materials, and water and energy efficiency

  • Orders from new products and services >25% of total orders received until 2021
  • Selected fossil-based product parts to be replaced with renewable or recyclable materials
  • Carry on development on renewable or recyclable spare parts to replace fossil-based raw materials 
  • Utilize further the opportunities of additive manufacturing to save raw materials and increase the usage of renewable materials in Valmet’s products

We actively promote sustainability benefits of Valmet’s offering to meet customers’ needs

  • Increased awareness on sustainability benefits of Valmet’s offering among customers
  • Develop sales organization’s competence as well as sales tools and systems on sustainability
  • Collaborate with key customers about the sustainability benefits of our offering


Main achievements in 2018
  • 29% of orders received of new products and services in 2018 
  • Continued to conduct interviews with selected key customers and integrate sustainability-related actions into key account management process
  • Continued to arrange sustainability training for sales teams
  • Continued to integrate sustainability into R&D projects
  • Continued to support implementing sustainability into daily R&D work and decision-making through training