People and performance targets and actions

action plan 2019-2021
Targets Main actions

We boost employee engagement and develop the best talent 

  • Drive engagement and attract talent through sustainability
  • Provide opportunities for growth and development through training portfolio
  • Place more focus on sustainability in OurVoice survey renewal
  • Utilize competence transfer concept
  • Enhance global training portfolio to strengthen strategic skillsets
  • Make the current training portfolio available for a larger number of employees
  • Make sustainability more visible to the candidates during the recruitment process
We are a responsible employer and promote diversity
  • Supporting successful work-life integration
  • Our processes help build teams with people from different backgrounds, cultures and genders, and with different knowledge and experience  
  • Introduce work-life integration approach
  • Ensure local wellbeing activities cover at least 70% of employees globally
  • Increase internal mobility between businesses and geographies
  • Continue to support and partner with organizations that promote diversity in the workplace
Main achievements in 2018
  • 95% of OurVoice engagement survey based actions completed
  • Employee Role introduced to continue to develop a culture of accountability 
  • 98% of the annual review discussions completed for white collar employees
  • 1,058 participants in global training programs
  • 79% of the development actions set for the talent review population executed
  • 37% of open jobs filled internally, which is above our target of 35% 
  • Continued to enhance diversity talent in global program nominations
  • 128 internal mentoring pairs
  • Created Hire for potential concept to widen recruitment pool beyond traditional candidates
  • Rolled out managerial best practices for team and one-on-one meetings
  • Kicked off “Forward for Managers 2” training
  • Ran renewed 360° feedback process for 226 managers