People and performance targets and actions

action plan 2019-2021
Targets Main actions

We boost employee engagement and develop the best talent 

  • Drive engagement and attract talent through sustainability
  • Provide opportunities for growth and development through training portfolio
  • Place more focus on sustainability in OurVoice survey renewal
  • Utilize competence transfer concept
  • Enhance global training portfolio to strengthen strategic skillsets
  • Make the current training portfolio available for a larger number of employees
  • Make sustainability more visible to the candidates during the recruitment process
We are a responsible employer and promote diversity
  • Supporting successful work-life integration
  • Our processes help build teams with people from different backgrounds, cultures and genders, and with different knowledge and experience  
  • Introduce work-life integration approach
  • Ensure local wellbeing activities cover at least 70% of employees globally
  • Increase internal mobility between businesses and geographies
  • Continue to support and partner with organizations that promote diversity in the workplace
Main achievements in 2019
  •  Achieved 88% response rate for OurVoice engagement survey
  • Continued improvement in employee engagement, up 1 percentage point
  • Fully utilized global training programs to support strategic goals; 316 participants
    in 2019
  • Launched new Excellence in Project Management global training program
  • Completed first competence transfer cases using new competence transfer toolkit
  • Continued to prioritize diversity talent in global program nominations
  • Achieved good level of internal mobility overall (35%)
  • Created a work-life integration approach and three-year roadmap
  • Prepared social committee guideline to encourage sufficient wellbeing related activities across the organization
  • Good participation in Forward for Managers 2 training, with 60% of managers participating
  • Ran renewed 360° feedback process for 114 managers