Corporate citizenship targets and actions

Action plan 2019-2021


Targets Main actions

We ensure our global human rights compliance through due diligence framework

  • 3 full scope human rights impact assesments with possible corrective actions and follow-up plans by 2021
  • Continue to conduct human rights impact assessments in selected high-risk countries
  • Continue internal training on human rights

We are a trusted local partner and promote transparent reporting

  • Maintain position as an industry leader in sustainability and further develop sustainability reporting
  • 100% of white collar employees complete the sustainability e-learning to understand and promote their role in Valmet’s sustainability
  • Collaborate actively with stakeholders
  • Annual sustainability reporting according to the GRI Standards
  • Report to leading sustainability ratings
  • Increase stakeholder feedback through a specific stakeholder survey
  • Implement new social responsibility programs
  • Highlight sustainability in investor relations activities
  • Update Code of Conduct, anti-corruption and bribery policy
Main achievements in 2018
  • Started implementation of human rights action plans based on the Group-level assessment
  • Developed a way to operate, tools and training for conducting a location human rights impact assessment and piloted in one location
  • Launched sustainability e-learning with three modules 
    -For all Valmet employees; completion rate 58% of white collar employees
    -For procurement and logistics
    -For sales, customer service, project management, R&D and engineering
  • Implemented a global process to ensure compliance on sustainability when enlarging the business scope in a geographical area
  • Included in Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices for the fifth consecutive year
  • Created a social responsibility program framework with three main themes