Sizer consumables for board and paper machines

Sizer consumables play an important role in film sizing and coating. When you choose the products that are optimized for your machine and process, you will achieve outstanding paper quality, maximized production capacity and a stable process. Our consumables have an excellent wear resistance – meaning less downtime and fewer consumables used, thus more production and lower costs.        

Valmet has a thorough understanding of the entire papermaking process, including surface sizing and film coating. Over the years, we have built our expertise and know-how in manufacturing technology, applications and processes. By choosing Valmet’s sizer consumables, you also have our long experience available.


Applicator rods, rod beds and other related accessories optimized for your needs

In our sizer consumables category, we offer applicator rods, rod beds and other accessories such as sealing blades and rod shafts.


Valmet Applicator Rods


  • Grooved rods
  • Smooth rods
  • Smooth creamic rods

 Valmet Sizer Consumables Portfolio

Valmet Rod Beds


  • Polyurethane rod beds
  • Polyethylene rod beds
  • Insert rod beds

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Other sizer consumables


  • Sealing blades
  • Rod shafts
  • Accessories



With our vast expertise, we are able to fine-tune your production processes by offering the most optimal consumables for your needs. With our help, you will increase the end product quality and lower the costs.

To guarantee the best product designs and functionalities for all types of machinery and applications, our consumables are developed continuously by running surface sizing and film coating processes in Valmet’s test units.


We are close to you

Valmet has an effective chain of warehouses and logistics centers worldwide. Therefore, we promise fast and smooth deliveries for our sizer consumables. We serve our customers through global customer service network either on site or remotely.

If you want to take your performance even further, we offer continuous support with consumables agreements. To find out more, click to see video.