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When you choose Valmet, you embark on a shared journey forward with us. In the core of giving you the best service experience are our four commitments – ‘safety comes first’, ‘close to you’, ‘solutions to your needs’ and ‘people you can trust’. We offer services that move your process reliability and performance forward. Furthermore, we provide new technologies that upgrade your process competitiveness to the next level.We have the widest services offerings across pulp, board and paper, tissue, energy and other process industries to help you find the best solution to match your needs.


Valmet’s 13,000 professionals work close to you across the globe and are available also remotely with the help of Valmet’s Industrial Internet solutions. In our shared journey, we work with you to reach your critical KPIs and profitable long-term goals.


Our combined expertise together with the latest innovations, sustainable solutions and easy availability of field and remote services provide practical solutions faster no matter the location.


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Valmet will move your performance forward in this shared journey we embark side by side.


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Explore our core commitments and services offerings to read what our customers have experienced during their shared journey...



Shared Journey Forward

Valmet's way to serve

Our core commitments

Safety comes first

Safety comes first

We put safety before anything else in our daily operations. We are committed to supporting you in reaching your safety targets, because incident free mills and plants and employee wellbeing create a sustainable and productive working environment.


”Safety is super-relevant – our goal is zero accidents.”

- Jorge Aldana, Director of Project and Industrial Development

Close to you

Close to you

We are available whenever you need our expertise. Valmet’s professionals work close to you through a network of over 100 service centers, even being on site daily. We are also available remotely with the help of industrial internet.

”The service agreement with Valmet is vitally important for our FormMaster maintenance needs. Valmet is able to deliver spare parts on-site in time and has a team of skilled experts. They have always quickly responded and supported us.”

- Alexander Sivkov, Chief Development  Manager

Solutions to your needs

Solutions to your needs

You are the expert in knowing what’s right for your business. We work closely with you to utilize the combination of process technology, automation and services to find exactly the right solution for you.

”The value of the yearly savings was more than double the one-time cost of the Performance Agreement.”

- Graham Millar, Mill Manager at Whakatane, New Zealan

People you can trust

People you can trust

We know that trust has to be earned and we work hard to reach that goal every day. This means that we keep our promises and are committed to moving your business forward.

“The experience, energy and enthusiasm… Valmet specialists brought to the project enabled us to challenge our existing practices and capability. All aspects of the operation were audited and dimensioned with the focused objective of delivering solutions to the nine concrete targets.”

- Peter McLaverty, Project Manager at the Whakatane Mill, New Zealand

Our services offering


Reliability services

• Spare parts and components
• Maintenance and shutdown services
• Outsourcing services

Keep your processes running smoothly and maintain your production assets in good working condition while minimizing downtime and controlling maintenance costs.

“We trust Valmet specialists’ qualification and know that we will always be satisfied with their work and good results”

- Alexander Sivkov, Chief Development Manager



Performance services

• Production consumables
• Process support and optimization

Optimize the production process to get the most out of the least: reduced energy and raw material costs, optimized quality, and improved environmental performance.

“We are satisfied to have Valmet as our technology and service partner – our contract renewals demonstrate that."

- Nestor Navarro, Mill Manager


New Technology

New technology

• Process and automation upgrades
• Automation projects

Adding new technology to the process at the right time takes production to the next level and maintains competitiveness. Our industrial internet solutions such as analytics, mobile and remote services can be utilized to your benefit to enhance your operations and plan predictive maintenance.

“Now we can use 100% biomass. The FuelDiet® corrosion control system is very useful for us. With the possibility to use cheaper fuels, the payback time of the system is around one year.”

- Peter Seppälä, Production Director




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