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Lime reburning

Valmet’s lime reburning kiln system ensures reliable and energy efficient production of high quality lime for the recausticizing operation.

A lime kiln is used to convert calcium carbonate CaCO3 into burnt lime CaO. The burned lime reacts with the green liquor and precipitates as CaCO3, thus creating a closed loop with the recausticizing.

The Valmet lime kiln is based on a long line of successful projects starting in 1904 taking the production from just 15 tpd to 1,250 tpd.

Flash Drier

Efficient drying and preheating of the vacuum filtrated lime mud is achieved in a flash drier system operated on kiln off-gasses. The flash drier system is designed to operate at low-pressure drop and high flexibility via the unique off-gas recirculation system.

Rotary Kiln

The dried mud is fed to the rotary kiln, heated to calcination temperature and burned to the required quality. Insulating lining and kiln internals ensure high heat transfer rate and energy efficient operation.

Lime Kiln Burner

The heat for the kiln is supplied from kiln burners that can be designed for any type of gaseous, liquid or solid fuel such as bio fuel or a combination of these.

Product Cooler

The product cooler recuperates the heat from the hot kiln product and cools the product to a suitable low temperature for further handling via heat exchange with combustion air for the kiln.

The high efficient triple-pass product cooler is used for standard sized kilns. An insulated stationary casing minimizes heat and noise loss to the environment.

The travelling grate cooler is used for high capacity kilns. The intimate mixing of air and lime on the traveling grate provides a very efficient heat exchange and the exceptionally high-energy efficiency of the kiln system.

Bio Fuel Solution

The Valmet lime reburning kiln can support bio fuel solutions such as Gasification, LignoBoost or direct wood powder firing.

Process support and optimization for lime reburning

Lime Kiln Optimization

Regular kiln system evaluation and optimization studies are indispensable tools for helping mill management and production staff optimize the key areas of the kiln.


Maintenance and shutdown management for Lime reburning

Lime Kiln Drive and Gear

The function of the kiln drive is to transfer the torque of the kiln motor to the kiln tube.

Lime Kiln Tyre and Kiln Segments

Improved availability and reduced refractory cost.

Lime Kiln Thrust Device

Transfers the axial load from the rotary kiln to one, or several supports – hydraulic or mechanical.

Lime Kiln Bearing

Heavy-duty design with high endurance.