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Board of directors




Year of birth

Bo Risberg




Mikael von Frenckell

Vice Chairman Finland 1947

Lone Fønss Schrøder

Member Denmark 1960

Friederike Helfer

Member Austria 1976

Rogério Ziviani

Member Brazil 1956

Aaro Cantell

Member Finland 1964

Jouko Karvinen

Member Finland 1957

Tarja Tyni

Member Finland 1964

Eija Lahti-Jäntti

Personnel representative Finland 1963


See the introduction to Valmet's Board of Directors

Composition of the Board of Directors

Valmet’s Board of Directors consists of no less than five and no more than eight members. The members of the Board of Directors will be elected for a term expiring at the closing of the following Annual General Meeting. The members of the Board of Directors may be appointed or removed only by a shareholders’ resolution at a general meeting of shareholders.

The Annual General Meeting of Valmet Corporation held on March 22, 2016 confirmed the number of Board members as eight and
appointed Bo Risberg as Chairman of Valmet Corporation's Board and Mikael von Frenckell as Vice Chairman. Aaro Cantell, Jouko Karvinen and Tarja Tyni were appointed as new members of the Board. Lone Fønss Schrøder, Friederike Helfer and Rogério Ziviani will continue as members of the Board.
Personnel representative Eija Lahti-Jäntti will participate as an invited expert in the meetings of the Board of Directors.

Operations of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the management and operations of Valmet. It also decides on significant matters related to strategy, investments, organization and finances. The Board of Directors of Valmet will meet when a meeting is convened by the Chairman or, if the Chairman is unavailable, the Vice Chairman. The Board of Directors constitutes a quorum when more than one-half of its members are present and one of them is the Chairman or the Vice Chairman. A resolution of the Board of Directors will be the opinion which is supported by more than one-half of the members present or, in case of a tie vote, the opinion with which the chairman of the meeting concurs.

The President and CEO of Valmet and the CFO participate in the meetings of the Board of Directors, and the General Counsel acts as the secretary of the Board of Directors. Other members of the Valmet’s Executive Team and other executives participate in the meetings when needed.

Main duties

  • To approve Valmet’s long-term goals and strategy;
  • To approve annual business and other major action plans;
  • To approve Valmet’s organizational structure and the principles for the incentive systems;
  • To appoint – and, if necessary, to dismiss – the President and CEO;
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of the President and CEO and to decide upon his/her remuneration and benefits;
  • To ensure that the supervision of the accounting and financial matters is properly organized, and to ensure proper preparation of the interim and annual financial statements;
  • To ensure the adequacy of planning, information and control systems for monitoring results and managing risks in operations;
  • To make proposals for and convene the General Meetings of Shareholders;
  • To decide upon other matters not belonging to the day-to-day operations, such as major investments, acquisitions and divestitures, and major joint ventures and loan agreements.;
  • To approve Valmet’s corporate policies in key management areas, such as corporate governance, risk management, financial control, treasury, internal control, information security, corporate communications, human resources, environment and disclosure policy, and code of conduct; and
  • To decide on other matters falling under the Board’s responsibility by law.

Valmet's Board of Directors

Photos and CVs of the members of the Board of Directors

Management shareholding

Daily updated list of Valmet shareholding of the members of the Board of Directors


Information about remuneration of the Board of Directors

Updated; Mar 22, 2016