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Customer case:

80% less winding broke with iRoll

Sappi Alfeld mill, PM 2 has a complex process of producing wide mix of specialty paper products. They have a strict tolerance towards defects in shipping rolls which led to high amount of winding broke.

With iRoll,we have made a huge step forward in improving the winding quality.”
Dustin Jeckstadt, Project Manager, Sappi Alfeld
Location: Sappi Alfeld mill in Germany
Customer target: 

Sappi Alfeld focused on production efficiency. They set the quality standard high, only rolls with a perfect appearance and profiles would be accepted. At the same time material efficiency must be improved.

Solution: First winding broke was decreased with manual hardness profile optimization and by using iRoll Portable. For better results iRoll Reel hardness profile control with a soft ReelSeal P roll cover was installed on the reel. Also Valmet IQ CD Controls multivariable profile controls system was taken into use.
Results: Profitability improved, mill met the requirements for high speed, top product quality, a wide product mix and excellent material efficiency. 
Keywords: Board and paper, Europe, iRoll, rolls
Technical data
Grades:  Specialty packaging and label grades
Basis weight:
Ranging from 50 to 180 g/m2
Wire width:  5,150 mm
Production speed:  1,200 m/min