BFB boiler optimization

Optimizing the BFB boiler based on understanding the function and processes of the boiler.

Training type: Online

Duration: 5 hrs

Location: Online

Description: The BFB boiler is a bubbling fluidized bed boiler for combustion of biofuels, waste-derived fuels, and industrial bi-products. This course gives you the understanding and tools needed to optimize combustion, maximize boiler efficiency, and maintain a good heat balance. This involves learning how systems correlate and how different fuels and flue gas temperatures affect chemical processes in the boiler. Each module is followed by a quiz which to support learning and self-assessment. The course includes a final test. This course is the third step in the BFB boiler operation learning path. Topics covered: - Introduction - Heat balance and flue gases - Fuels and their impact on the boiler - Burners - How to optimize

Objective: Give insights and tools for optimizing BFB boiler operation.

Audience: Experienced BFB boiler operators and shift leaders.

Pre-requisites: Completion of the BFB boiler operation course, or similar knowledge and experience.

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