Valmet Field Services are maintenance services performed at customer sites


Valmet Field Services cover everything from fast, on-call troubleshooting to planned, practical, and strategic maintenance carried out on a continuous basis at your production site. We plan, execute, manage and develop maintenance activities according to your needs specifically:

  • Maintenance and process supporting services
  • Annual shutdowns
  • Maintenance shutdowns
  • Daily maintenance
  • Remote Field services


We serve you both locally and remotely. Using the remote field service possibilities is an easy and safe way to get the process, automation and maintenance expertise & support you need, through our local service center or even without a site visit.  



Valmet Remote Field Services








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Valmet Shutdown Management


Valmet shutdown management includes delivery planning, coordination and execution of the shutdown project. We offer transparency in both planning and execution phases with cost and schedule management. We also provide safety planning for the whole shutdown process to identify risks and handle resources efficiently.

We have extensive experience running mill shutdowns. We execute annually over 100 shutdown around the globe.





Shutdown service improves the reliability of Klabin’s Monte Alegre Paper Mill in Brazil


Valmet and Klabin’s Monte Alegre paper mill continued their successful nine-year annual maintenance shutdown cooperation in 2019. The shared values of safety, sustainability, quality and respect for others have taken Klabin and Valmet a long way forward.


Meet Valmet Field Services experts

On a Shared Journey Forward, it's crucial to have a mutual understanding. This is most critical on site where Valmet Field Services Professionals work alongside you to move your performance forward. Safety, communication and trust are our top priorities when delivering Field Services.


Alberto Lana, Service Engineer

What does it take to be a Valmet Field Services professional? Alberto shares his responsibilities and challenges as a Field Services Engineer specializing in dryer and Yankee cylinder inspections and roll maintenance.

Eliadabe Trindade, Senior Mechanical Planner

Eliadabe shares the success with the customers and is happy when their production runs smoothly. Trust is earned every day. On site.

Petr Nechvatal, Service Specialist

Valmet Field Services professional Petr Nechvatal enjoys his work, repairing and maintaining paper machines. Trust is earned every day. On site.

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