Valmet's Linerboard concept

There are many advantages of having one supplier covering everything from wood handling to final board. Valmet is the full-scope supplier on the market for pulp and board production. Our holistic approach – from chip to board – is a success factor for the customers.

Valmet ImpBin based continuous cooking – a real game changer

What difference can lower overall refining energy consumption, ultimate fiber length and strength do for your business? With Valmet’s ImpBin impregnation technology, chips impregnation is done in a more homogenous way than by other concepts available on the market. It combines the dual benefits of a lower wood cost with improved pulp quality. ImpBin results in a longer average fiber length which means stronger pulp.

With stronger pulp you are able to produce stronger board. You can also produce board with maintained strength but with lower basis weight than before. Stronger pulp also makes it possible to reduce the proportion of virgin pulp and replace it with recycled fibers while preserving the strength of the board. You also achieve lower wood and power consumption and a decreased carbon footprint.

Holistic Refining is optimizing the overall fiber properties for the produced board

After impregnation and cooking, refining follows in one or several steps: blow line, hot stock, deshive and reject refining. The process design and selection of equipment are adapted for each customer to achieve the desired pulp quality.

Valmet’s Holistic refining concept means that the fiberline and stock preparation are tailored together. The pulp properties possible to tune through Valmet’s concept while saving energy are for instance:

  • Fiber length and width
  • Fines
  • Kinks and curl
  • Water drainage properties
  • Water retention value

Valmet board machine with unique key technologies to produce strong and lightweight board

By choosing Valmet board machinery and products, you secure that your operations – and profit – stay up and running. Uninterrupted.

With advanced tools for board machines, Valmet can maximize the final strength properties from the fibers. A headbox with Aqua layering technology for more efficient dosing of strength additives, a forming with Sleeve roll technology for improved fiber-to-fiber bonding, and a hard nip sizing for better surface starch response, are three examples. Depending on your needs and desired production level, Valmet can select the most suitable units to maximize strength development over the entire board machine’s lifecycle.

Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer – Manages the entire process to control quality and costs

Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer ties everything together. It is an Advanced Process Control (APC) system and a key component of Valmet’s holistic approach.

Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer is automatically stabilizing and optimizing the process variables from chip to board to obtain the most cost-competitive and energy-efficient liner board production. The whole process can be controlled and optimized, making linerboard according to your requirements.

Valmet’s way to serve – collaboration throughout the lifecycle

Valmet’s services offering is designed to match customer’s specific needs, whether it’s reduced energy and raw material costs, reduced process variability, optimized quality and production or enhanced environmental performance.

In the planning phase, we can set together with you the foundation for optimized operational results for the production process to come. Services can help to accelerate the start-up curve when ramping up the production. By working together in maintenance and operations, we can ensure maximized reliability and optimized performance of the production process. When delivering services, safety always comes first.