Stronger together

A holistic approach from chip to board

What are your challenges and goals? Do you want to lower your production cost from the raw material? Increase your production? Lower the basis weight of the liner? Have outstanding tensile and tear strength? Do you want to reduce the proportion of virgin pulp and replace it with OCC? 

Whether you want to improve your existing production and make it more profitable or plan to build something completely new, Valmet’s linerboard concept can be utilized. 

Well impregnated chips and a holistic refining approach are keys to produce strong pulp for high quality liner at minimal cost. With stronger pulp you have the flexibility to make lighter weight board or reduce the proportion of virgin pulp and replace it with OCC. With Valmet’s technology you will also achieve lower wood and power consumption and thereby decrease your carbon footprint. 

Valmet is the only globally full scope supplier on the market for board production. We take a holistic approach and can assist you all the way from chip to board.  

Valmet’s Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions and Valmet Mill Wide Optimization is part of Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) offering and is a crucial part of Valmet’s holistic approach. It is designed to control the properties of the produced liner by automatically stabilizing and optimizing the process variables to obtain the most cost-competitive linerboard production.  

No matter what your challenges are, Valmet is here to support. Today, we help customers worldwide to produce liner which is profitable and sustainable. We even assist customers in developing new liner grades based on new raw materials. We provide proven solutions, service and cutting-edge expertise all the way from chip to board, so you can produce the liner of the future. As a full scope supplier to our customers we are stronger together.