World-class liquid packaging board machine

Stora Enso Beihai BM1 and BCTMP Plant

New board machine and BCTMP plant that enables lightweighting

Stora Enso is committed to meeting its customers growing need for high quality and safe consumer food packaging board. Their newest, Valmet supplied board production line in Beihai, China, started up 2016, followed by the BCTMP line.

In order to secure the good start up, ramp up and quality development for this greenfield project, Stora Enso chose modern technology, with a strong focus on reliability and stability. The decision was right, the start-up of Beihai mill has been faster than expected and the customer feedback has been positive.

BM1 machine layout


Liquid packaging board (LPB), Folding box board (FBB)

Basis weight    180 – 330 g/m²
Width at reel   6 400 mm
Production speed   1 000 m/min
Annual capacity   450 000 tons

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