CompactCooking™ is Valmets continuous cooking system. It was a revolution when it was launched in 1997 and it has been under evolution ever since. The second generation CompactCooking was launched in 2003 and today 48 CompactCooking systems are in operation, helping pulp mills world-wide to achieve excellent pulp quality, maximum pulp yield, low reject rate, as well as low steam and power consumption. 

The second generation CompactCooking has been the obvious choice for the majority of pulp mills. However some customers with mega size hardwood digesters, have asked for improvements. We have listened to you and are now providing the next generation CompactCooking™ technology.

Team up with Valmet to become champions in serving your customers. The fine tuning of CompactCooking resembles the process and the craft when a chef cooks food at the highest level.

Let's get ready to serve!