Here you will find more information about applying and links to summer trainee application forms.

Summer Trainee positions at Valmet

We have interesting summer trainee positions in Finland available

We offer approximately 400 summer trainee positions for students in Finland. Most of the summer trainee positions are available in our production sites or office sites related to different engineering, project management and R&D fields. We offer summer trainee positions also in our procurement, sales and logistics field as well as in our finance, marketing IT and HR fields.

The summer job application is open from 3 January 2022 to 13 February 2022.

Why should you spend your summer with us?

You will have a chance to work for a sustainable future because we believe that our technology plays a crucial role to mitigate climate change and global warming. A summer trainee position with us will give you an outstanding opportunity to get familiar with an international technology industry and support your studies. You will gain important information for example our production or our business processess and you are able to affect to our customer's success. 

We welcome you to be part of our team substituting and helping our experts in their daily work so your job is highly appreciated. We will provide excellent onboarding path to support your learning. Our summer jobs are available for a period of 1 to 4 months. 

Open positions

Read more about available summer jobs below and fill in  your application! 


How to apply

1. Check out the summer jobs available through the links below. The summer job application is open from 3 January 2022 to 13 February 2022.

2. Apply for a summer trainee position that best suits your study background by filling in the application form. We have summer trainee positions available both in out production sites as well as our offices. Please remember to attach CV to your application.

3. After submitting the application, you will receive message from the system that your application has been received. After the applications period, we will inform about the status of your application. 

4. We review the applications and the most suitable applicants will be invited to a video interview or a face-to-face interview. After the interviews, the most suitable candidates will be chosen to the summer trainee positions.

5. We will notify each applicant by the end of May of the outcome of the application process.



As a summer trainee in our production, you will work for example in the manufacture of textiles and spare parts used in machining, assembly, installation or welding tasks, foundry work or paper machines. In your role, you are responsible for meeting the production quality requirements and performing your work safely.

In our production maintenance  summer jobs, you work in different kind of maintenance related tasks. 

As a summer trainee of production supervisor, you are responsible for work management and production planning. We are also looking for summer employees for various production development and design tasks.

Apply to summer trainee position in our production:

Please note that the job advertisements are in Finnish.


Office positions are available, for example, in automation, mechanical and process as well as energy and environmental engineering, project management and research and product development.

In addition, summer jobs are available in our logistics, procurement, quality and HSE throughout Finland. Summer jobs are also available in technical and commercial sales support and order processing.

We also offer a variety of summer jobs in our Corporate functions. Whether you have a background in accounting or IT or are studying marketing or HR, apply for an interesting summer job with us! In addition, summer jobs are available in our strategy and business development teams and in our legal teams.

Apply to summer trainee position in our office and corporate functions:


Come to meet us in the recruitment fairs!

We are attending several recruitment fairs in Finland, check out the list and com to meet us virtually or in person! 


That feeling when… you learn something new every day”- Join the team and let’s meet in summer 2022!