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Delivering competitive technologies and services is what we do best. We are in the top three in all markets we serve – and will continue to push forward and develop ourselves, concentrating on technology, services, sustainability, local presence, and our people. This is why our people and our teams truly form the backbone of our success. It is that feeling of shared purpose and accomplishment that makes working at Valmet a unique experience.

Open Jobs in North America

Senior Accountant Statutory compliance, R2R, Finance
R37071 Montréal, Québec Posted 2 Days Ago
Service Engineer - Automation
R35689 Trois Rivieres, Quebec Posted 2 Days Ago
R36501 2 Locations Posted 2 Days Ago
Manager, Inventory, North America
R34304 2 Locations Posted 2 Days Ago
Field Service Engineer - Valmet Automation Systems
R26020 Atlanta, GA Posted 2 Days Ago

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Valmet employees come from all different backgrounds, job functions and career paths. A diverse team of people, skills, and passions can push our company forward.  If you are interested in building your career based on values you believe in, Valmet has a world of opportunities!  

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What does career growth look like at Valmet? 

Hear what employees in North America have to say about career growth and taking the next step forward with Valmet. 


Learn more about career growth at Valmet


How can you put your technology skills to work at Valmet?

Hear what employees in North America have to say about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and how they apply to careers at Valmet.


Learn how you can put your technology skills to work at Valmet

Why do employees enjoy working at Valmet? 

Hear what employees in North America have to say about why a career at Valmet is an enjoyable, rewarding experience.


Learn why employees enjoy working at Valmet


How is Valmet focused on sustainability?

Hear what employees in North America have to say about working for an environmentally conscious company.


Employee Spotlights

Discover how Donna Rundquist, with over three decades of experience, thrives in a company that prioritizes innovation, employee well-being, and collaborative success.

Join Mateus Argenton do Amaral, an Application Engineer driven by his journey from Valmet South America to North America, passionate about innovative solutions and excellence in refining technology.

Join Desiree Nelms-Saari, where camaraderie and personal growth converge in a supportive environment with strong leadership and abundant development opportunities.Watch now!

Join Lawrence (Larry) Ketterhagen, Valmet Waukesha's Engineering Manager, as he discusses his journey of innovation and sustainable engineering at Valmet. Watch his video below!

Discover how Mike transitioned from a design role to a customer-focused engineering position and how working at Valmet offers continual opportunities for professional growth.

Alexia Bouche shares her focus on a safety culture and working with a winning team at Valmet.
Watch her interview!

Thierry Boily shares how his passion for mechanics led him to a career at Valmet.
Watch his interview below!

David Eapen explains why it is an exciting time to join the Pulp & Paper industry.
Learn more in his interview below!

Learn more about what Mona Henderson, Business Manager, Fiber Processing, has to say about her career at Valmet and what working at the company is all about.

We will be featuring different employees on a regular basis so be sure to revisit the campaign page and stay up to date!

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Valmet offers a challenging work environment that values innovation, technology, sustainability and creativity. We care about building collaborative and sustainable relationships that drive us to be a dedicated and winning team. Teamwork is one of our most important values. We seek employees that are determined, who want to make a difference, and strive to develop and accept the challenge of building a forward future together with us. If you are looking to have contact with different cultures within a global company, constant learning and a plan for your personal and professional development, take the next step forward with Valmet!


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