We have taken Valmet Continuous Cooking to the next level still maintaining the benefits of the existing system


Proven benefits


ImpBinā„¢ technology
  • Impregnation at low temperature & long time
Two vessel system concept
  • Low cooking temperature
  • Enables liquor to wood ratio control
  • Enables black liquor recirculation for high yield
  • Concurrent operation
  • Few active components
  • High yield
  • Low reject amount
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • High availability

...with performance improvements of the new generation


Optimized bleachability
  • Improved alkali profile
  • Reduced amount of dissolved solids in end of the cook
Improved washing
  • Up to 3 radial wash zones
Improved flexibility
  • 3 cooking zones
  • Possibilities to adjust temperature and alkali charge through out the whole cook
Improved maintenance / accessibility
  • Screen cleaning
Improved sustainability
  • Odor free impregnation vessel
  • Connected to DNCG
  • Improved turpentine recovery for softwood