Walter Lídio Nunes - CMPC Guaíba-RS, Brazil

How do you find the cooperation with Valmet?

Valmet has always been a very important partner because it defines equipment with extremely critical processes for a pulp industry and; therefore, we obviously need good business conditions and over time Valmet has always provided that for us.

Why did you choose CompactCooking from Valmet?

We have always chosen Valmet for its technological capacity and its constant search for the update of its process, always providing CMPC, in the projects we have put together, with competitive and suitable solutions to access our markets.

How would you describe the most critical and important factors for a good Cooking system?

A good cooking system needs some characteristics because it is a process by which we can assure a better yield of the raw material we use (wood), while providing efficiency in the industrial processes of pulp production as a whole, and ultimately ensuring to us quality with a morphology of fibers adapted to the different market segments that we propose.

What is the importance of the cooking plant for the pulp process?

The importance of the cooking process in pulp production is fundamental because it determines the quality of the final product that we will take to the market. And the market segment often has differentiated fiber morphology demands and the cooking process is crucial, so that we can direct these characteristics of the fiber to the market segments that we have as objectives.

How do you decide which cooking technology you will use in a Project or rebuild?

The technology we use is always defined from the added value that it can bring to our business. The added value entails the efficiencies of the industrial processes, as well as the characteristics of the final product that we can obtain, in order to serve the markets that we set as objective.

Do you think the cooking process influences the quality of the pulp?

The cooking process may be the most fundamental variable we have to get the final product we set out to achieve, in order to reach the intended markets. Therefore, it is a decisive factor for how to define a pulp mill.

When you are not cooking at work, what are you cooking at home?

In terms of cooking at home, I obviously as a gaucho follow many traditions of my land. And here the number 1 food that symbolizes us is barbecue. And I obviously always make a good barbecue.

What is your favorite food?

Barbecue (Churrasco gaucho).

Do you have a special recipe?

To make a good barbecue, the basic condition first of all is a good rib, a good fire and the coarse salt to season it. The trick is the tradition among the gauchos, producing barbecue is a technology, in which the gauchos have the same rules to cook it. Because gauchos are very traditionalists in the sense of respecting the protocols for the production of barbecue.

Which are the things in common between cooking at work and cook at home?

I would say that the kitchen tasks in the industry and at home are all the procedures we must have, i.e. work by the book for good cooking of pulp and wood, as well as in the barbecue, where we have these traditional rules that we learned in Rio Grande do Sul and that we follow to the letter.

We have always chosen Valmet for its technological capacity and its constant search for the update of its process