Tissue Talks DIVE program

Tissue Talks DIVE webinars 


As the live webinar dates have already passed, all the presentations are now available on demand on the Tissue Talks event webpage.

Please note this is exclusivly for tissue makers only and that you need to be a registered user to access the site. If you previously did not receive and invitation, send us a request for access at tissueconference@valmet.com


The webinars are divided into blocks, each block consisting of two topics as per below.


Sustainability as a growth factor

Susanna Bellandi, Creative, Communication & CSR DirectorSofidel

Cleantech as a cost saving driver - Sustainable energy and water savings

Diego Sperduti, Deputy Head of Sales of the Paper Industry department, MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland



Rising customer expectations and its impact on retailer demands

Patrick Boateng, Principal, True source Linx Inc.

Featuring green product performance? Sure, have it in any color as long as it’s black!

Sebastiaan Stiller, Director Business, EPD International AB



Quest for innovative energy solutions for fossile free Tissue mills

Pirita Mikkanen, Vice President, EnergyMetsä Tissue

Essity Nokia Experiences – Valmet Ultrafiltration for Water and Energy savings

Jenni Vainio, Quality and Environment Manager, Essity Nokia mill

Timo Sutela, Process Specialist, Water Management at Valmet



Absorption from high yield pulp

Jens Hallendorff, Head of sales, High Yield Pulp, Rottneros

Bagasse – non-wood fiber

Pawan Agarwal, MD, Naini Group



Wheat Straw: An innovative fiber complement to enhance your sustainability vision

John Begely, CEO Colombia pulp

Micro fibrillated cellulose – the green solution for today and beyond

David Cowles, Global Market Development Manager, Nanotechnologies, Valmet



The non-issue with fiber sustainable tissue

Danilo Marcos Maxia Pereira, Concept Manager Structured Tissue

Johan Rågård, Concept Manager Textured Tissue, Valmet

Joe Miller, VP, Product Development, Georgia Pacific LLC

How to combine sustainability with high efficiency

Kemal Arslan, Tissue Technology Development & Investment Group Manager, Hayat Kimya

Arvid Johansson, Concept Manager Dry Crepe Technology, Valmet



High-flying multi tool – Keeps the production environment safe and clean

Paul Arnold, Product Sales manager, EMEA, SEMEA Valmet

Towards an autonomous mill

Marko Toskala, Director, Quality Management Solutions, Valmet Automation



From impossible to possible - supporting customers remotely through digital tools

Speaker - Valmet Performance Center 



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