Tissue Making Days

In 2022 we celebrated the 20th Tissue Making Conference, exclusively for tissue makers, by taking the event on tour visiting three continents - Europe, North- and South America.

Decarbonizing the tissue industry -

a joint effort

We live in a challenging and unpredictable world where the business environment is changing rapidly. There's a strong need to find ways to operate in a landscape of escalating costs, strengthened legal demands and increasing consumer requirements. Decarbonization is currently on top of everyone's mind and will be for a long time. But this is not a one man show, or a one company show - to make a difference we need to work together. 


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The event already passed. But if you are interested in finding out more please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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This video is a summary of the events - Thanks to all of you who attended

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During the event we talked about global trends and how they will impact the tissue industry. Our presenters talked about solutions that are available already today but also what can be seen in the horizon. 

Read more about the presenters here


Tour Stops in 2022

•    October 4 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
•    October 11 - Lucca area, Italy
•    October 26-27 - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Main program

Below you can find the main program of the conference. Note that there might be local modifications.

Key note: Business for good is good business Marga Hoek, Author and member of Thinker 50
The journey towards sustainable tissue production Ulf Johnsson, Concept manager Mill technology, Valmet and Arvid Johansson, Manager Product Management, Valmet
Are you prepared for 2030 and 2050? (Italy event) Jori Ringman, Director General, CEPI
Research on fiber reduction technologies (USA event) Ronalds W Gonzalez, Ph.D. MBA Associate Professor
Topic for South America - to be added In progress
Digitalization and Tissue technology  
Significance of automation and industrial internet solutions in tissue making Mikko Viitamäki, Business Manager, QCS & Jonas Johansson, Head of Tissue customer
Industrial Internet, Valmet
Best combination of fiber and energy usage with hybrid technologies Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Vice President Tissue Mills Technology, Valmet
Dress up with the right tissue machine clothing Juha Luhtalampi, Product Manager Tissue Fabrics, Valmet
Life cycle approach in tissue making Service in South America, Europe and North America
Latest technology developments, achievements and other topics By market area
Virtual Mill tour VelvetCARE, Klucze mill, Poland