Perini Constellation S8 and Casmatic CMB202

Perini Constellation S8

The Perini Constellation S8 is a revolutionary rewinder. Thanks to its central and surface rewinding system equipped with 4 rollers and the renowned Punzoncini technology, the Constellation S8 guarantees a rewinding from the first to the last ply with a perfect embossing result at each point of the roll allowing to produce products previously unimaginable at higher speeds.

Casmatic CMB202

The Casmatic CMB202 Bundler is capable of bundling toilet paper or kitchen towel packages of different sizes or formats in several combinations, meeting the most diverse market requirements. Easy to operate, the machine has a tool free system for format changeovers, and the operators are always guided through the operational panel by a step-by-step system with descriptive and visible instructions.

Technical characteristics:

  • Speed up to 800 m/min; 60 logs/min 
  • 20 bundles/min 
  • Equipped with DESL embosser 

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line that might be affected to modifications. To receive more information about the machine and the delivery time, please fill in the form.

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