Remote assistance and training

Tissue Performance Center - Expert online

Expert on line is a subscription service, with a dedicated IN-LINE® VPN hardware, designed for direct remote assistance by qualified technicians, to offer supervision, updating, software acquisition and the correction of working parameters. 

We need to minimize machines downtime impact on production. Thus, we need a reliable and competent customers service support, available at any time.

Production manager 


Thanks to the remote connection there is no need for physical and technical intervention; no additional cost consequently leads to greater savings.  

Improve O.E.E.

Real time intervention minimizes the risk of machine downtime and brings greater line efficiency. 

Easy to use

24H service and high connection speed with no line interruptions. 

Tissue Performance Center - Remote access

Tissue performance center remote access is a reliable and secure connectivity system to allow remote assistance on all Valmet converting machines. Thanks to the IN-LINE Mguard device, the Tissue performance center expert online service is enabled with the possibility to perform several kinds of intervention on the machines.  

It is critical for us to have a fast and secure connection with the service department of our suppliers in order minimize the impact of machine faults. 

Director of operation 

Fast and secure connection

The IN-LINE Mguard device employed guarantees the highest security standards. 

Enables remote assistance

 Several operations can be performed remotely by Valmet's expert technicians. 

Reduced troubleshooting costs and time

The remote assistance guarantees in most cases a faster response in troubleshooting.

Tissue Academy 

Online multi-language training courses for tissue converting equipment are available worldwide, 24/7, set up according to specific operators’ needs and machines used. 

Training is one of the most important touching points with customers. It offers a unique opportunity of listening to customer operators daily needs, to help them improve their know-how of the installed base and optimize overall line efficiency. 

Training and Optimization leader 

Improve O.E.E.

Shorter machine downtime and consequent greater line efficiency, due to better trained operators.


More skilled people lead to less mistakes, therefore a decrease in time, production and quality waste.

Easy to use

Dynamic contents, easy to read. 24/7 access, from any part of the world. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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