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Design your own paper sheet

The secret with the Advantage NTT technology’s flexibility is the belt. Operating with a fine belt provides plain tissue similar to what can be produced in the Advantage DCT machine but at higher dryness. A coarse belt enables production of textured tissue with high bulk and improved water absorbency.

Product flexibility – unlimited potential for product differentiation

Compared to woven fabrics the polyurethane NTT belt provides the possibility to develop own design of belt pattern according to specific needs. This means almost unlimited potential to design new products and grades.

The standard belts are available in fine, medium and coarse quality. The fine belt is suitable for plain tissue with low basis weight and improved softness. The coarse belt is ideal for textured tissue and high bulk products. One unique option is that each producer can design their own belt for their specific quality requirements and looks. Imprint the paper with a logo or other pattern already in the tissue making process. The textured base sheet does not need micro embossing which will improve the converting efficiency. Embossing of textured paper has only decorative or ply bonding purspose

The multiple options for producing tissue paper of various basis weights, paper properties and characteristics make Advantage NTT the ultimate tool for product differentiation.