Advantage ReTurne

Why waste useful energy, when it can be recovered? The normal value of the headbox jet power is around 1000 kW for a 5,5 meter wide tissue machine, depending on slice opening, width and jet speed. This means that we use approximately 7000-8000 MWh during a year. 

Advantage ReTurne installed in forming section 

  • Recover energy from Headbox power jet  
  • No impact on the tissue making process  
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance need  
  • Two mode flexibility - can be operated in energy recovery mode or by-pass mode 

Raise energy efficiency to a new level 

The Advantage ReTurne energy recovery system is a valuable contribution to Valmet’s portfolio of energy efficient equipment and services for the tissue making process. It is raising energy efficiency to a new level, returning energy back into the process and cutting costs. 

The heart of this energy saving innovation is a turbine, installed in the save all tray. The turbine is connected to a generator and located close to the headbox jet to recover as much energy as possible. When the water leaves the headbox and passes through the fabric, a guide plate controls the water flow.  

The guide plate ensures that the power of the water flow hits the turbine blades in the most optimize angle to reach the highest possible efficiency. The clever design of the guide plate ensures efficient and trouble free de-watering and formation of the paper. It is also possible to move the guide plate into by-pass position, where the process water just passes through the save-all as in normal process. 

Return the electrical power into the process 

The turbine is connected to a generator which converts the water flow power to electrical power and controls the rotational speed of the turbine. The electrical power that is generated passes through a frequency converter before it supplies the DC bus and sectional drives with the recovered power.