Tissuemaking starts in the forming section

The purpose of the Tissue machine forming section is to distribute the stock evenly along the entire width of the tissue machine into the gap between the wire and the felt.  

Valmet provides a selection of forming sections with excellent runnability and focus on high productivity and low energy consumption.  

Valmet’s OptiFlo II TIS headbox is designed for optimal formation with a lower electric energy consumption. This headbox is standard on all Valmet Advantage DCT, Advantage NTT, Advantage Thru-Air (TAD) Advantage QRT and Advantage eTAD, and it can also be used for rebuilds.  

In contribution to the headbox, Valmet Advantage ReTurne recovers up to 50% of the headbox jet energy and raises energy efficiency to a new level, returning energy back into the process. Valmet’s standard Crescent formers are module based and always mechanically prepared to enable easy installation of the ReTurne system later when energy prices are rising.  

Valmet Tissue Technology Center provides the world's most comprehensive offering of testing and piloting services to tissue manufacturers worldwide. Our pilot facilities have the entire process covered providing customers with excellent service and reliable results to support in investment decisions. Read more about Tissue Technology Center here