Sustainability and safety

The value of long-term investments in Best Available Technology (BAT) cannot be underestimated. Utilizing leading technologies will not only reduce the cost and environmental footprints of today but will also make sure that tissue
producers are well prepared to meet the environmental legislation and the quality and safety requirements of tomorrow.

Continuous efforts to develop new and more capable technologies are
essential for future tissue production. But development is not only about
inventing new products and services - it is also about how to design, combine
and use the technology in a more effective way. Ensuring a design that is safe,
user-friendly, easy to maintain, providing efficient and sustainable production
of high quality products in the most cost-effective way.

Sustainability and safety is highly prioritized in Valmet technology development and we can offer a wide range of products and services to reduce energy, water and fiber consumption and improve personal safety in the work environment.

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Sustainability at Valmet

Sustainability is at the core of Valmet's business strategy and operations. Our values, Code of Conduct and related policies, and selected globally acknowledged initiatives and principles create the foundation for sustainable performance at Valmet.