Textured tissue with Advantage NTT Technology

Textured tissue with high bulk and less fibers

Textured tissue is produced with the Advantage NTT technology and provides premium quality paper of all tissue grades. The NTT belt provides 50 - 100% more bulk and softness as well as increased water absorbency and offers almost limitless potential regards to belt design. Fiber savings up to 30% can be obtained due to the increased bulk. 

The Advantage NTT concept is designed for maximum flexibility and can easily swing between cost-efficient production of conventional tissue and high quality textured tissue.

The energy consumption in textured mode is significantly lower compared to the TAD process while in plain mode it is comparable or lower than other conventional tissue making processes. With the Advantage NTT process in textured mode it is possible to achieve both high bulk and high dryness at the same time. 

Conventional tissue with increased softness and significantly lower energy consumption 
Increased pressing in combination with the plain NTT belt gives significant energy savings while at the same time it provides a very high softness. 

The Advantage NTT technology is easy to operate, has high machine efficiency and operates at high speed. It is particularly suited for production of premium quality bath, towel, facial and napkin grades from virgin or recycled pulp.