Tissue machines

Valmet’s Advantage tissue making concepts are designed to meet tissue producers’ challenges of today and tomorrow. The Advantage DCT machine has become a trademark for cost-efficient production of plain or conventional tissue products with high quality. Close to 80 Advantage DCT machines sold all over the world are witnesses of its performance. Also, the Advantage ThruAir technology based on the TAD process is a strong performer in our technology family. Renowned for its ultra-premium quality with unbeatable absorbency and softness it has its clear position in top tier markets.  When looking for maximum flexibility the Advantage NTT machine is an obvious choice. Its capability to produce plain and textured tissue with premium quality at low energy and fiber consumption is something many tissue producers have been waiting for. Valmet’s Advantage QRT and Advantage eTAD technologies meets the increasing market demands of products with high absorption, bulk and softness at the same time as it provides a sustainable process and low energy consumption. 

All of our tissue making concepts can be combined with Valmet Focus rewinder technology which ensure that the initial tissue properties are preserved in the winding.




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