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Sustainable supply chain targets and actions

action plan 2016-2018
Targets Main actions

Develop sustainable procurement practices globally

  • 100% of new direct suppliers gone through supplier approval process
  • 50 supplier sustainability audits per year
  • Ensure globally aligned approval process for new suppliers
  • Increase the number of nominated Valmet sustainability auditors in selected areas
  • Develop templates and guidelines for sustainability audit practices
  • Continue with sustainability training for global procurement and integrate sustainability into procurement training programs
  • Continue with a program to ensure compliance with hazardous substances
  • Develop carbon footprint calculation

Support selected key suppliers  to meet the level of sustainability expected by Valmet

  • Engage 100% of selected suppliers
  • Establish a sustainability engagement program for medium- and high-risk key suppliers with targets, KPIs and follow-up mechanisms
Previous targets and achievements
Key targets Main achievements
  • Establish all key processes for evaluating and managing the sustainability of suppliers' operations 
    • 100% of Valmet’s procurement contracts to include Sustainable Supply Chain policy
    • 80% of Valmet’s active and 100% of new suppliers assessed for potential sustainability risks
  • Training of Valmet’s entire procurement organization by the end of 2015
  • Compliance with chemical legislation
  • Global supplier management process in place:
    • All active suppliers informed about the Sustainable Supply Chain policy and the policy included in all new procurement contracts
    • 100% of new and existing suppliers assessed for potential sustainability risks
    • Relevant tools and processes established for supplier self-assessments and audists
    • 41 supplier sustainability audits conducted wiht a third party by the end of 2015
  • 100% of Valmet procurement professionals received sustainability training by the end of 2015
  • Specific development program started to ensure compliance with hazardous substances