From renewable resources into sustainable results

Valmet’s mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. This means that our technology and services make it possible for our customers to manufacture sustainable products from renewable resources.

Valmet has a long track record in providing solutions that convert biomass into renewable energy and recyclable products such as pulp, paper, board and tissue. We have also developed and commercialized new biomass conversion technologies for producing new bio-based end products such as biogas, biofuels and biomaterials.

Valmet's offering

Valmet has a wide range of solutions that require less energy, water and raw materials compared to conventional technologies, and which enable flexibility in fuel source and raw material selection.

Our comprehensive services and automation offering help to maximize the environmental efficiency of the technologies and ensures operational safety and reliability over the entire lifetime of the plant.

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Minimizing environmental impacts of solutions

It is estimated that around 95% of the environmental impacts of Valmet’s entire value chain are emitted when Valmet’s solutions are being used for production at the customer sites.

Since Valmet’s solutions are targeted at industrial processes such as pulp, paper and energy production, environmental improvements can to a great extent be achieved by optimizing the efficiency of processes, by utilizing air pollution control technologies, and by replacing fossil fuels and materials with renewable alternatives.

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