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Sustainable solutions targets and actions

action plan 2016-2018
Targets Main actions

Deepen understanding of customers’ sustainability needs

  • Conduct interviews with selected key customers and integrate improvement actions into key account management process 
  • Arrange sustainability training for sales teams

Focus in further developing raw material, water and energy efficiency and promotion or renewable materials in product development and innovations

  • Orders Received of new products and services: >25% by the end of 2018

Integrate sustainability into research and development processes and tools

  • Improve cost competitiveness and performance
  • Develop new products and technologies to create new revenue
  • Integrate sustainability aspects into R&D guidelines, processes and product portfolio management tools

Ensure product compliance

  • Ensure responsibilities for managing product compliance
  • Investigate and map the scope and depth of take-back programs
Previous targets and achievements
Key targets Main achievements
  • Positive trend in the environmental efficiency of Valmet’s solutions
  • Orders received for new solutions
  • Several new, more efficient products launched
  • Further development and commercialization of bioconversion technologies such as lignin separation, prehydrolysis and gasification of biomass
  • Share of orders received from new products has increased including further orders for new board, paper and tissue production technologies
  • Increase in customers’ positive perceptions of the sustainability of Valmet’s offering has increased to 98%