Global environmental concerns

Valmet and its customers’ industries are facing environmental concerns, which create demand for more sustainable industrial processes. The growing concern over the availability of earth’s resources creates pressure to increase material, water and energy efficiency. At the same time urbanization, population growth and increased consumption pose a threat to clean air, arable land and fresh water. With our technologies and services, we aim to help our customers to address the challenges arising from these global concerns.

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Valmet applies the following guiding environmental principles and relevant associated practices in business decision-making and management systems.

Continual improvement  

The ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through incremental and breakthrough innovation to minimize environmental impacts.

Due diligence

The identification, prevention and mitigation of potential risks in existing operations and when planning changes such as mergers and acquisitions or changes in market presence. 

Preventive action

Actions are taken in order to ensure that activities within our own operations do not cause harm to people or environment.

Precautionary approach                      

When there is reasonable suspicion of harm, precaution shall be applied in order to avoid potential damage to people’s health or to the environment.

Product stewardship      

Minimizing the adverse health, safety, environmental and social impacts, and maximizing the HSE benefits of a product and its packaging throughout all lifecycle stages.

Resource Efficiency        

Using resources in a sustainable manner while minimizing impacts on the environment.


When safer alternatives can be identified the extremely hazardous chemicals should be replaced by safer alternatives.

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