Building an engaged and performance driven community

At Valmet, we believe success starts with people. A strong team forms the foundation for strong performance.

Boost employee engagement

Valmet believes that an engaged and performance-driven community is built from within. We use our OurVoice survey to measure engagement and performance excellence levels, which are important for growing as a company and for building a strong Valmet community. We encourage our people to live our shared values by connecting them to our way forward as a company.

Develop the best talent

We continuously look for ways to enable individual performance and support development.  We utilize our global training program to inspire new thinking, bring minds together, and ultimately, support growth and drive our strategic initiatives and Must-Wins. We follow a 70-20-10 approach to learning where 70% occurs through on the job learning, 20% through learning relationships and 10% through structured learning.

Increase diversity

The Valmet community is a diverse one. We have 13 000 individuals working in more than 30 countries, representing 52 nationalities and speaking 22 languages. We continuously work to build and develop teams from different backgrounds, genders and cultures. Having a diverse workforce creates a more dynamic work environment and leads to new ideas and more competitive products.

Responsible employer

We value teamwork as an important part of our organizations success and emphasize respectful behavior and a safe, healthy and well-managed working environment safe in all locations. We set clear expectations for managers through our Manager Role, which is focused on driving performance, building engagement, supporting development and living our values.