Refiner reconditioning (reconditioning, shaft, drop-in unit reconditioning) for mechanical pulping​

Valmet is offering a wide range of reconditioning for high consistency (HC) and low consistency (LC) refiners as well as refiner auxiliaries including refiner infeed screw, refiner housing and segment holders.

The heart of the HC- and LC-refiner is a bearing unit, which is always fully inspected, individually reconditioned and updated based on process requirements and position at the mill site. We also understand the link of a damage with a process problem.

The wear of infeed screw and refiner housing is dependent on pulp cleanliness. The target for infeed screw is to return the original shape and construction to ensure problem free operation. Refiner housing (pressure vessel) reconditioning is performed by machining and wear bar installation.   

Wear of a segment holder dovetails and spigot creates unbalance vibrations and sometimes pulp quality problems. We rebuild the holders back to OEM specifications by correcting the geometry with the dynamic balancing. In order to secure the segment holder quality, Valmet recommends reconditioning every 5 years or after a severe process disturbance.  


HC Refining
Drop-In Unit Replacement Taking advantage of Valmet’s expert knowledge when replacing the drop-in unit.
Mechanical Seal Replacement The mechanical seal lifetime of your Defibrator/Refiner can be improved by taking advantage of Valmet’s expert knowledge to keep the seal in reliable condition.
Valmet Refiner Reconditioning Modular maintenance solutions for flexible service offering.
Segment holders Maintenance program for refiner segment holders improves refiner operation.
Reconditioning packages For SD refiners Continuous technical developments and improvements in materials and design
make reconditioning of drop-in units a profitable investment that will provide a
pay-back in maximum service life, availability and performance.
LC refining

Refiner Performance Services

Tailor-made upgrades for existing refiners.

Low-consistency refining performance review

Solution for cost-effective refining.