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Optimized shive reduction and strength development

Valmet Refiner Segments - Equal flow

LC refining is coming strongly into mechanical pulping processes as a complement to HC refining due to its energy efficiency. Valmet´s latest Refiner Segments feature is here to control shive content without sacrificing the strength properties of the pulp.

A new type of conical refiner segments has been developed to control the shive content in the pulp without compromising the other characteristics of the pulp.

Biggest differences to traditional design:

  • There are no continuous flow channels
  • Equalizing pockets have bigger volume at the infeed and smaller at periphery to evenly spread the pulp flow
  • Volume of pockets are also used to control segment pattern´s overall open volume curve
  • Groove width changes dynamically
  • Number of equalizing pockets can be selected depending on needed capacity.
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