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Valmet Refiner Segments - Micro bar

The unique combination of a densely designed refining zone with the very long cutting-edge length of the Micro bar fillings, in refining to certain freeness or strength, reduces the refining energy consumption up to 10% in hardwood and up to 20% in softwood and mixed pulp applications.

Ease of refining

The advantages of Micro bar also include the easy runability of the refiner, including an easy start. The same filling design can be used for refining long, short or mixed fibers, which reduces the amount of refiner downtime needed for filling change. The special design of the feeding grooves also means considerably less plugging compared to standard fillings.

Higher loadability

The longer bar cutting length of the Micro bar design enables the increase of capacity with high loadability, while maintaining the desired fiber quality in hardwood refining. Loadability can be increased by up to 30-50% compared with standard filling designs.

Higher refiner hydraulic capacity

The Micro bar design features special capacity grooves feeding the fibers uniformly to the refining zone. This also makes it possible to double the refiner hydraulic capacity of large refiners. The special design of the feeding grooves also makes the design insensitive to fiber length, fiber type and freeness.

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