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Valmer Refiner Segments – Attack bar

The optimized design keeps the segment bar edges sharp for a longer time and sets a new standard for refiner segments lifetimes in high and low consistency refining and panel board chip defibration. Attack bar can be adapted to all refiner types and segment designs offered by Valmet.

Attack bar increases lifetime in all applications

Attack bar is an add-on feature to all Valmet’s high technology refiner segment designs for all refiner types.


The Attack bar feature improves segments lifetime in high consistency refining as well as in panelboard Defibrators and low consistency stock preparation refiners. The improvement gained with Attack bar segments in seen differently in these processes. In high consistency refining, the cause of segment changes is typically reduced pulp quality caused by rounded bar edges. With Attack bar segments, high quality pulp can be produced for longer intervals between segments changes. In low consistency and panelboard refining, energy consumption can be retained at an acceptable level with Attack bar for longer time.   

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